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Premium Roofing specializes in New Mexico residential roofing solutions, and superior roof repairs & replacements. Our Albuquerque roofing company uses only the best roofing materials with warranties to ensure you receive the best roof service possible.

As a certified roofing contractor in Albuquerque, our expertise allows knowledge from the most minor residential roofing repair jobs, to complete roof replacement services.

Common Roof Damage Issues:

  • Aging flat or sloped roof, exhibiting cracks, granule loss, or brittleness
  • Hail and/or wind damage
  • Compromised seals along roofing vents, pipes, skylights, canales, and/or AC units
  • Compromised seals along transitions/valleys
  • Ponding water, or blocked drainage systems
  • Exposed underlayment
  • Punctures in roofing material
  • Stained drop ceilings
  • Insufficient water protection along parapet walls

Your Residential Roofing Experts

Roof Systems We Service

Premium Roofing is proud of our ability to service any roof system type. Our production team is made up of 5 departments- each exclusively trained by roof system type.

  • Shingle installation crew
  • TPO installation crew
  • Tile installation crew
  • Metal installation crew
  • Service/Repair department

No Obligation Estimates

Our complimentary estimates will show what to expect, and help you decide on the roofing repairs that need to be completed.

If your roof is 10-15 years old, we recommend a biannual inspection to keep up with the health of your roof. At this age, your roof begins to deteriorate, and may require repairs, or replacement. Premium Roofing recommends proactivity, when it comes to maintaining your roof!

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Add character, and charm to your home, with a variety of roofing solutions to fit your existing system, design, and budget. Rest assured, as Premium Roofing guarantees your new roof will be installed using the best materials, and craftsmanship possible to give you peace of mind, and a long-lasting roof.

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