Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing Albuquerque

Shingle roofing is one of the most common types in Albuquerque, NM. It’s an excellent option for residential and commercial construction projects, and it’s available in various colors and styles to match any building.

Small, overlapping pieces of fiberglass covered with asphalt makeup shingle roofs. This substance can tolerate high temperatures and is tough and resistant to the elements. It can increase the value of your home or business and is also fire-resistant.
You’ll have to decide between asphalt, wood, and slate shingles when replacing your roof. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages.
In New mexico, asphalt shingles are the most used kind of roofing. They are reasonably priced, strong, and available in many colors and designs.

Additionally, standard and favored by many homeowners are wood shingles. Using sustainable materials makes them more environmentally friendly than other types of roofing.
The most expensive option is slate, which is also the most resilient. With careful care, it can last up to 100 years or longer.

Choose a reputable roof contractor when you decide your shingle roof is ready for installation.

  • Verify that the contractor has a license and insurance; this will protect you in case there are any problems with the installation.
  • Before signing contracts, request an itemized price outlining all materials and labor costs.
  • Make sure to look up internet testimonials and the Better Business Bureau rating for prospective contractors.
  • Before making any decisions, get many quotations so you may compare the prices and services of several contractors.

Maintaining the quality of your shingle roof requires regular maintenance and repairs. Some typical maintenance duties are checking for loose nails or missing shingles, caulking gaps between the roof line and chimney or other vent pipes, and routinely sweeping up any accumulated debris.

Another essential item to remember is to have your roof professionally inspected at least once a year to ensure everything is in good shape. It may be time to replace your entire roof when you find signs of damage like buckling, curled or cracked shingles.

Why Choose a Shingle Roof for your Albuquerque Home?

At Premium Roofing in Albuquerque, our experienced technicians provide high-quality shingle roofing services at competitive prices. We use only the finest materials to guarantee your roof will offer lasting protection. Here are the advantages to choosing a shingle roof for your home: 

  • Value and cost versus options for tile roofing
  • A large number of options
  • Excellent for steeply sloping roofs
  • There is no need for structural reinforcement.
  • It is simple to install and holds up well to the weather. 
  • It is ideal for re-roofing over other materials.
  • Easy to navigate.
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