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Premium Roofing strives to compliment, and serve for your business. When your client (buyer or seller) receives a home inspection report- roofing is the #1 obstacle required to complete the purchase, or sale of a home.

For purchasing clients, this means a timely roof inspection, and estimate can serve as a tool for negotiation in the transaction. Premium Roofing ensures a quick turnaround for repairs, offering your client zero delays in their closing date, & peace of mind that their roof is safe in their new home.

For selling clients, losing their potential buyer becomes a risk, and an inconvenience to everyone involved in the transaction. Premium Roofing ensures a quick turnaround for roof repairs that work within budget, getting your client one step closer to selling their home.

A professional opinion by Premium Roofing comes with a 2-year certification, even when the roof does not require repair, or replacement.


Premium Roofing serves your interests. Our large customer base & relationships with builders, architects, flippers, & property managers- have allowed us to understand your perspective in the urgency, timing, & budget involved in new construction, rehab projects, and rental properties. By calling Premium Roofing, we assure you’ll receive the best roofing solution, at the best price possible.


Roofing Services for Real Estate Professionals

Whether you’re a real estate agent or investor, your goal remains the same- reach the closing date as scheduled.

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