Maintenance Program

Albuquerque Roof Maintenance Program

After completing a roofing service with Premium Roofing- we believe maintaining your roof is a critical next step. Our biannual roof inspection program is designed to ensure your roof’s health is living up to workmanship, and manufacturer standards.

For a biannual fee of $85.99, Premium Roofing offers a roof inspection every two years- to address any deterioration or aging components to your roofing system. Protect your biggest investment, and register for our maintenance program below:


Premium Roofing’s Maintenance program is designed to extend the lifespan of your existing roof system by performing minor repairs to aging sealants, cleaning of gutters & drainage systems, maintenance to pipes, vents, chimneys, skylights, etc. (INCLUDED IN BIENNIAL FEE)

Premium Roofing’s Maintenance program does not include any costs to perform a roof leak repair(s), or damage to the roofing system caused by a natural disaster, foot traffic, negligence, or any other cause unrelated to the normal wear & tear of the roof system components (sealants, caulking, mastic, mortar, etc.) installed by Premium Roofing. Additional costs apply for such repairs, which are to be documented and discussed with the homeowner for approval of the work.