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Checklist for Roof Storm Damage – Premium Roofing NM

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Checklist for Roof Storm Damage - Premium Roofing NM

Roof storm damage is a very common problem and can occur for several reasons. Understanding the basics about roof storm damage will help you to take timely action when it happens. Also, lead to quicker repairs and preventative maintenance. The Cleaning Roofs Storm Damage checklist below contains detailed information that will provide you with the knowledge you need. To properly prepare for any future storms so that you can more easily identify when there is potential damage from rain or hail.

A detailed blog about checklist for Roof Storm Damage:

Hail damage:

Hail damage is any serious storm damage caused by hail. It can be as big as grapefruit and heavier than a bowling ball. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured by hail across the United States, costing millions of dollars in damages. If you have been suffering from hail damage, then we are here to help you. With our Premium Roofing Company, there is no reason to suffer from the destruction that hails cause.

Wind damage:

The wind created by the storm is more dangerous than the actual storm. Wind can destroy your roof, and few people would leave a roof without checking it out first. When a hurricane or tornado hits your roof, it’s essential to realize that it could be damaged beyond repair. You’ll want to make sure that it’s fixed quickly so you don’t have any problems with your home’s roof in the future. This can help prevent mold from forming on your ceiling or rot from eating away at your shingles.

Rain damage:

Rain damage can be a result of violent storms, high winds, and lightning strikes. Even though your home may not take the full force of these conditions, the water that does come into contact with your property can cause significant damage to it. The worst case scenario is a flooded basement or room no matter how well sealed it was originally. Rain damage caused due to roof storms can cause extensive damage to roofs, causing significant water damage throughout the home.

Lightning damage:

Lightning is one of the most common causes of roof damage. While many homes do not suffer from complete roof collapse, there are still plenty of building materials damaged by lightning strikes. Roofing shingles can be destroyed entirely, while a storm-damaged attic will never be the same. We’ll outline what you need to do after a lightning strike to keep your home as safe as possible and make this difficult decision easier.

Blocked drains and flashings:

Blocked drains and flashings are issues that can be addressed immediately, especially when they are the first sign of a problem. The severity of a blocked drain and its flashings has on how severe the storm was. Storms can produce heavy rains and flooding, eventually damaging your roof. If you suspect your roof is leaking due to prolonged exposure to the surface, you may want to schedule an appointment with your neighborhood roofer today.

Torn, missing, or damaged shingles:

Torn, missing, or damaged roof shingles are a serious problem that can lead to costly repairs. Many homeowners will not even notice these issues but when the damage is extensive and starts to show on the exterior of your home it can be an indication of future problems. Roofing companies like Premium Roofing New Mexico will want to examine your roof at least once every year to measure for shingle decay and see if there are mold problems or water leaks. It is important to have regular inspections performed on your roof as well as roof maintenance checks during each season.

Flashing problems:

Roof flashing is a type of covering used most often on flat roofs. The purpose of flashing is to protect the roof from water damage by creating a barrier between the water and the surface of the roof. There are several types of flashing that are used on roofs. One of the most common is asphalt shingles which are prone to problems with broken and frozen seams. Problems related to asphalt shingles include leaks, ice dams, cracks, and developing bald patches on roofs due to sun exposure. If your home has heavy tile or wooden shingle roofing then you should check whether the Ogee Joints should be replaced with Woodruff’s joints as this type of joint has fewer joints that can break easily as well as create an even pressure distribution.
Missing or torn roofing papers: Missing or torn roofing papers can create a liability for you. It is important to have everything up to date in order to avoid these issues. The best way to do this is by taking an inventory of your property, then making sure that each one of the documents is up-to-date and accurate. Missing roof papers is a common problem that leads to insurance claims being denied and most importantly, homeowners paying thousands of dollars in roof repair costs. The longer you wait to replace your roof the more you’ll be out of pocket.

Insulation damage:

Roof and wall insulation is the foundation of your home. It’s what protects you from both noise and heat loss. With the ever-warmer weather, many people are now starting to experience leaks in their roofs. While this can be a sign of larger problems, it is also important to notice the damage that has occurred due to the conditions caused by a storm. Insulation damage can happen during storms and should be repaired as soon as possible for better energy efficiency in your home or office.

Damaged gutters and downspouts:

Gutters and downspouts are an often overlooked part of any roofing system. A damaged gutter or downspout can be a serious water leak that could lead to structural damage, or worse. Damaged gutters and downspouts are often not immediately recognizable as a potential problem. But you can check for this at any time and make sure that none of your gutters/downspouts are missing, chipped, or cracked. If there is a crack or missing piece, then it needs to be replaced before more damage can occur.

For all of Your Roof  Storm Damage Problem, Use Our Roof Storm Damage Repair Services

Most homeowners can’t perform a complete evaluation of the damage without an on-site inspection. A thorough inspection should be performed by a professional who can accurately determine if wind and water damage has occurred and if weather conditions warrant the implementation of preventative measures to extend the life of the roof. The checklist provided above is a guideline to serve as a starting point in determining damages.

Visit our website’s page on roof storm damage repair services for a complete listing of our services. Fill out the form for a free estimate of the services required to restore your roof to good condition, and we’ll contact you right away. In the case that you require quick assistance with your roofing issues, call Premium Roofing at (505) 366-9864 right now.

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